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Legend of SkyrimVR Install Guide

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Legend of SkyrimVR is a high fantasy theme-based mod list that pays homage to the Zelda series by adding Zelda inspired mods and so much more, this includes:


Legend of SkyrimVR should run well on modern PC-VR configurations from medium to high end, I focused heavily on optimizing all performance related settings via ini files, mods, tools and using a low 512k res DynDOLOD configuration for hybrid 3D trees.

A complete LoSVR install has a total size of roughly 120 GB (this includes the initial LoSVR file download from the Wabbajack software.)

Since I use a Rift S, the skyrimvr.ini files will reflect that, so a few of these .ini settings will need to be adjusted to suit your specific HMD and PC. I will go over that and other recommended settings throughout this guide.

LoSVR is developed and tested with this PC-VR setup:


From here forward, I will be using 2 terms Over and Over.


3A. SkyrimVR and Steam Install


It is also CRITICAL to have a 100% Fresh Install of SkyrimVR ON THE C DRIVE.

Legend of SkyrimVR itself can be installed on the ROOT C Drive.


Steam Install Location:

SkyrimVR Install Location:

Legend of SkyrimVR Install Location:

3B. Visual C Runtime Installs

3C. Windows Antivirus and Firewall Settings

3D. Windows Paging File Size

3E. Wabbajack and LoSVR Install

  1. Look for the drop down menu on the top center section, then scroll down to Skyrim VR.

  2. Checkmark the Show Unofficial Lists option on the top right section.

  3. Look for Legend of SkyrimVR and click the small Download Modlist arrow as show below to start the install process.

    WJ Install 2

3F. SkyrimVR ini Tweaker

There are a few .ini settings you should be aware of, because we don’t all use the same PC-VR setup, so it’s best to adjust these based on your VR resolution and CPU threads.

NOTE: Windows 11 users can ONLY use ModOrganizer 2.4.2 or later, LoSVR uses 2.4.4.

Look inside the LoSVR folder & open ModOrganizer.exe (remember to add this exe file to your Anti Virus Exclusions, as mentioned previously in this guide.) Once it’s open, click on this icon.

Skyrim ini Tweaker Small This configuration window will pop up.⬇️

SkyrimVR ini Tweaker Settings

3G. CPU Threads

4. MCM Recorder Auto-Load Settings

Start LoSVR through SKSE on the top right section of ModOrganizer, you can create a Hylian race Link character, simply move up to the Hylian race then go to the preset settings and drag the slider all the way to the right, this is the Link preset, once you finish creating your new character and you spawn into the starting area it will spam the top of your screen with MCM mods being enabled in LoSVR, It will also Auto-Load and streamline ALL Highly Recommeneded and Critical specific settings for LoSVR. These Auto-Load settings are Highly Recommended and some are CRITICAL for the best LoSVR experience. This process will give users a notification if they try to interrupt and it will warn them to let it finish, PLEASE LET THIS FINISH, when it’s done loading you will be notified.

Please Exit Menu LoSVR Finished MCM Menu LoSVR

The MCM Recorder nexus link is provided for further information, the author provides a short YouTube video to help you fully understand how this mod works.

4A. Fine-Tuned Challenge

LoSVR uses Adept difficulty by default, this is CRITICAL to utilize the Fine-Tuned Challenge mod, but this mod is Not required to use in the game, you can use simply the vanilla difficulty settings without any problems, however, the dmg & spawn multiplier numbers will not function as intended if any other vanilla difficulty setting is used, this mod simply REPLACES the vanilla difficulty settings with detailed % numbers. Experiment if you want, however, Fine-Tuned DEFAULT % with ADEPT set is a good start if you want easy dungeon crawling, however, for the best experience you would set the multipliers progressively higher, for example, I use: Easy: 130%, Medium: 140%, Hard: 150%, Very Hard: 160%, then adjust the Dmg taken & Dmg inflicted sliders based on your preferences, I use 80% Dmg Inflicted and 120% Dmg Taken, I also take followers on my adventures, you’ll probably want to do the same.

Fine-Tuned Challenge Settings

4B. LoSVR Monster Population

LoSVR uses several monster mods at its core which have either been repaired or enhanced with xEdit and CAO (or both), and to optimize and minimize any 4k textures down to 1k or 2k, LoSVR is hosting over 50 Mihail Monsters, Skyrim Immersive Creatures(SiC) & Relics of Hyrule (RoH) Monsters. Additionally, Skyrim Underground has it’s own set of monsters spread out between 2 massive underground dungeons.

NOTE: Adept difficulty is CRITICAL for ALL creature mods in LoSVR to work with Fine-Tuned Challenge, otherwise you will simply be using vanilla difficulty settings.

4C. Nethers Follower Framework

Difficulty Settings for Followers GIVING DAMAGE and TAKING DAMAGE can be adjusted in the Nethers Follower Framework mod settings inside MCM. Please read this very helpful and important Description Page from the author of this mod, as NFF has a slew of options to get acquainted with.


5. The Sharper Eye

With SteamVR, I Highly Recommend using The Sharper Eye mod with or without TAA, this mod needs to be downloaded manually and simply unziped and placed inside of the main SkyrimVR folder, It includes the preset, the required shader and a custom VR-enabled Reshade build, additionally, these are the settings I use for a relatively sharp image without TAA for BEST overall performance, There is also performance mode available on the bottom right corner but it is NOT Needed, as My Settings are on par with peformance mode, but click it if you want to experiment anyways, **to Enable this window below, click HOME on your keyboard to open and close this window, it will be visible on your desktop VR screen when clicking the HOME Button.

Sharper Eye Settings

6. TAA On or Off

TAA makes the distant image in VR have less jaggies (less shimmer but more blur), but this setting also has a rather noticable performance impact, personally I dont mind a tiny bit of shimmer with the LoSVR modlist, it gives a sharper image vs blurry image and FPS drop rates, so this mod list comes with TAA Turned OFF by default, but if you decide to enable this setting then it will be enhanced by a TAA auto-load feature from FPS Stabilizer, this just tweaks the sharpness of TAA, however, you must open your SkyrimVR ini Tweaker tool Skyrim ini Tweaker Small and enable these ini 2 settings (1 for TAA itself, 1 for TAA Water) an example is shown below, this setting is to keep using TAA without manually enabeling it everytime you load your game, and the water is needed to avoid visual glitches while TAA is enabled.


bTAAWater = 1

bUseTAA = 1

Additionally, it is CRITICAL these steps are ONLY taken IF you decide to Enable TAA.

7. NVIDIA Settings

The SkyrimVR specific nVidia Control Panel settings I have provided are for better visual clarity for the Rift S, but they likely work fine with a range of other VR headsets, do some research online and feel free to experiment with your own settings if these are not sufficient for your GPU.

SkyrimVR nVidia Settings 1 smaller SkyrimVR nVidia Settings 2 smaller

8. SkyrimVR and SkyrimPrefs ini

If you want to Reset your Legend of SkyrimVR .ini files back to install defaults: skyrimprefs.ini & skyrimvr.ini ⬅️️ click this link to get ALL current ini files and then overwrite them inside of your ‘LoSVR\profiles\Legend of SkyrimVR’ folder.

Also make sure to Copy the Skyrim.ini file and place it inside your root SkyrimVR folder if you decide to Reset these files.


LoSVR has been manually sorted from top to bottom & using loot WILL destroy the correct plugin order.

No LOOT Sorting


Thanks for downloading Legend of SkyrimVR.

…but most importantly …

Have Fun in your Hyrule themed Tamriel!

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